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Greek Berliners is the biggest online community of Greeks and Greek related persons in Berlin. We interact with 20.000+ members in our Facebook Group. Additionally, we have created a Facebook Page & a website for our members and a broader, international public.

 – Our interaction rates are impressive and reflect a very active community:

Up to Organic views per day!
Over 400 interactions between members daily!
Over 500 new posts from members monthly!


We are a team of professionals and online experts working every day to develop Greek Berliners further: 

Headed by an Online-Professional with 20 years of experience, a Graphic Designer and Website-Developer who has done countless projects for clients and professional Content Creators & Social Community Experts. Additionally, we rely on an active community of contributors. 

But most importantly, we all are Greeks or have very strong ties to Greece & the Greek culture and we love what we do!

Where we come from:

Greek Berliners was founded in 2011 by a Greek artist that had moved to Berlin and wanted to promote his art, contacting his network of friends here in Berlin. 

His group, the Greek Berliners, quickly developed into the most important online community of Greeks in Berlin, helping each other with information and tips.  Thanks to its members, it has developed into the perfect place to meet other Greeks here in Berlin! 

And by now, Greek Berliners has become the most important online address not only for Greeks in Berlin, but also for Greeks planning to move to Berlin for work or for holiday. 

Become a Greek-Berliner & You can:

Share your interests or buy & sell furniture

Find a new apartment or even a job

Ask questions about the Krankenversicherung (health insurance) and all other legal aspects of living in Germany. Even find professional assistance.

Find Greek-German Language lessons privately or in schools.

Learn where to find Greek Products in Berlin.

Meet other Greeks, find the best restaurants and places to go.

Practice or learn the Greek Language.

Promote your business.

We are actively building ties for the Greek Berliners to other relevant groups in Germany, Greece and all over Europe. This way you can connect to Greek speakers all over the continent if you want to.

Our Facebook Group Admin Page:

Opened in May 2019, it gives full transparency of who we are and the services we can provide. The Greek Berliners members have the option to talk with us, suggest ideas and ask for our assistance in a private environment.
We show the Greek mentality and spirit to all foreigners, combining relevant activities and news from all over the world. With interesting tips and news with you from Greek portals and we make suggestions on what to do when visiting Greece.

Are you a professional with a business
or are you trying to build a business in Berlin?

We offer guidance and advice on the necessary business steps as well as professional online marketing services on our portals that will help your business succeed in the German market! Offline and for your online business too, you can be located here in Berlin or in Greece.
Please ask us for our offered services which we constantly enrich to meet your needs!

Our team is available for contact by mail, Facebook/Messenger or by telephone (030 47375894). Please check our opening hours.

This Website:

This website improves the quality of content and provides a huge amount of organised information, to answer to your needs. Υou will find the best available information about the city with detailed hints and “how-to´s” on important topics for Greeks in Germany. Additionally, you will find the best listings with relevant Institutions, Doctors, Business and much more primarily written in Greek language and with an automated translation tool (90% accurate but understandable) in English and in German langauges.

We address people internationally, where everybody can find all the information regarding Greece, the Greeks and the Greek culture. We want to establish social ties through the unification and communication of Greek cultural institutions of both countries.
We work intensively to keep everybody informed about all activities and news with a Greek Aura happening in Berlin, in Greece and worldwide and aim to share our customs and show our mentality, which that defines us.

Arts & Crafts is our newest section whose main goal is to create a network of Artists and creative professional that work in Europe and primarily have a presence in Berlin and Germany. Free of charge creation of microsite to present your work, collaborations and initiations for interesting cultural events is part of our tasks. We are here to help you organise and promote your work, with ideas and knowledge in event management and online marketing!

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