NEWS 28.05.2020

First, the good news. A few days ago, Berlin was close to getting tougher measure back again, as one of the most relevant indicators turned “red”. Luckily, it went back to green, so there was no need to react.

Today, new easements were decided for Berlin:

From the 2nd of June, open air events like concerts or movie screenings with up to 200 persons will be allowed. From the 16th of June, with up to 500 persons and from the 30th of June with up to 1000 persons.
But don´t expect them to be “as before”, as the minimum distance of 1,5 meters between attendants must be observed. Specially in concerts this give a different vibe.

Finally, good news for the thousands of bars in Berlin and for us to finally go drink a decent beer or cocktail again! From the 2nd of June, bars are allowed to open again. But no sitting at the counter allowed yet, only sitting at tables allowed.

Fitness studios will be allowed to open again in June, no precise date given yet and the distancing measures will be tough for them. It is already clear that the changing rooms and the showers will be closed.

Demonstrations will be allowed without any maximum number of participants. Many private gatherings, like weddings and baptisms with up to 50 people will be allowed.

“Soon” church attendance without a maximum number will be allowed, until now it was limited to 50 persons. But the distancing and hygiene rules will continue to apply, so things will continue to be different when going out.

 Keep in mind that these rules only apply for Berlin. By now the different regions in Germany are taking different measures at different speeds. So, things that are allowed here, might be forbidden just crossing the border’s of Berlin.