NEWS 30.10.2020

“Update of the current Covid-19 measurements 30 Oct”

New rules because of the Pandemic were decided today. Here the most important facts.

The following, additional rules will go into effect from Monday on and are until 30. November:

  1. Outdoors only 2 households are allowed to meet, with a max. of 10 people in total.
  2. Parties and gatherings inside & outside are “unacceptable” and will be dispersed immediately
  3. Restaurants, bars, “Kneipen” must close completely for in-house guests. Only delivery is allowed.
  4. All leisure activity locations must close. This means museums, cinemas, concerts, betting places, fitness studios, etc. Basically all “unneeded” activity places. Exception: Churches
  5. All sports activities, including amateur sports, like football, swimming, are forbidden. Jogging, alone or with partner or household, is permitted.
  6. Professional soccer games will again be held without public.
  7. Hotels and private rooms for tourists, also within Germany, are not allowed to take any guest anymore.
  8. Kosmetik-Studios, Massage and Tatoo-studios must close too. Physiotherapy and hairdressers are allowed to stay open.
  9. All big public events are cancelled, this includes the carnival, Halloween, etc.
  10. All other restrictions that are already implemented stay valid, like the curfew and the prohibition to sell alcohol after a certain hour.

What remains open:

  1. Schools and Kitas (Kindergartens)
  2. Supermarkets and shops. But with stricter distancing rules
  3. All industries and offices. But companies are strongly urged to do as much home-office as possible

The government strongly urges everybody not to do any unnecessary traveling or meet other people if it is not absolutely necessary.

A new program to help business and individual companies will come in the next days, to compensate the losses. It is said to cover up to 75% of the losses compared to November 2019.

These rules apply for all Germany, but Berlin might also adopt additional rules. This will be announced this Friday and go into effect on Monday.

The government openly says that, should this not be enough, new, even stricter rules might come very fast. Everything to avoid a total lockdown, as other European countries already have. Until now, Germany is still pretty good compared to other EU countries.

We wish you all good health and please keep your distance to avoid even stronger restrictions and to give us a chance to have a halfway “normal” Christmas this year.

We will keep you updated!